The Dog Adventure Club is an elite pack of aspiring and accomplished canine urban athletes. Their mission is to maintain a high level of fitness, make friends, and have fun.

Adventure Club members are all different sizes and temperaments but the one thing they have in common is that they need more than just a walk. Members are the types of dogs who don't want to just stroll around the block with a big group of on-leash dogs, go for a lazy off-leash ramble around the park, or have to spend time riding in a car. Their adventures are always at least an hour long (extremely fit members have the option of an all day adventure of up to 8 hours) and usually include a combination of on-leash long distance running and walking, and high energy off-leash play in a variety of local dog parks. They go on adventures in groups of up to only three at a time, meaning that each dog receives more individual attention than they would on a larger group walk but still gets all the benefits of socializing in a pack run setting. Small group size also means it is easier to maximize compatibility and ensure that everyone gets the best work-out possible. They are all fast runners, but some are faster or have better endurance than others.


Pack Leader

The club's leader is Adrian Philp, the human being and dog enthusiast you may have seen jogging through your neighbourhood, running down a nearby ravine trail, or lying down in the grass at your local dog park. He isn't afraid of any weather as long as his dog friends can handle it. He is fully insured and will provide references on request.