Dog Walking/Running

1 Hour – $31 (tax included)

Basic adventure. A minimum of one hour from the time the dog leaves home until it returns. Barring extreme weather this will usually be at least 4-6km, although depending on the dog and that day's scheduling the adventure might last longer.

2 Hours – $50 (tax included)

A minimum of two hours. For extra high energy dogs who can handle an even more challenging adventure. Usually at least 10km but sometimes much more.


3-8 Hours – $70 (tax included)

All day service. Only available to extremely fit dogs capable of travelling 25km or more in a day. Not recommended as a daily option for most dogs, even the fittest dog might appreciate a rest day after this. This is NOT doggy daycare, this is an all day walk/run that will leave even the most high energy dog sleepy and contented.

Adventures of any length usually come with pictures and GPS mapped reports so you can follow along with all the fun your dog is having.

Click the links below to see maps of some previous adventures.

1 hour adventure example • 2 hour adventure example • 8 hour adventure example.